Vendor Finance Pty Limited is an equipment finance specialist established specifically to meet the in-house funding needs of major plant and equipment distributors seeking to provide a value added service to their customer base through the provision of a proactive "captive" vendor finance program in order to generate incremental sales opportunities.

Vendor Finance Pty Limited in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Structured Finance Group, an independent consortium of finance companies who have provided equipment and asset based finance facilities, including single transactions ranging up to and exceeding $100.00 million, to a broad range of domestic and foreign clients for nearly twenty years.











The Australian Structured Finance Group is wholly independent and was established in the early 1980's to act as a consultant to the Equity and Leveraged Leasing industry, specializing in sophisticated domestic and cross border structured finance facilities. As the Australian leasing industry evolved and matured during the 1980's, Australian Structured Finance saw opportunity in developing proactive captive finance programs for major plant and equipment manufacturers and distributors which were capable of securing incremental sales opportunities for the vendor.

Captive finance programs through Vendor Finance may be established for any equipment supplier anticipating annual equipment sales exceeding $10.00 million.

Private label finance programs have been established by our group across a number of industries and have operated on a National basis for some of the largest multinational plant, equipment and vehicle manufacturers in the world for the past decade.

Facilities available through our "Private Label Finance" programs include:

  • Finance Lease
  • Rental with purchase option
  • Rental with return upon expiry
  • Hire Purchase
  • Structures designed to accelerate tax deductions
  • Structures designed to defer tax deductions
  • Structures designed to exploit the tax differentials between income and capital gains
  • Special purpose off-balance sheet "non-lease" structures
  • Debt and Bill facilities